Sunday, 15 June 2014

A firm favourite

I get asked all the time 'what's your favourite hoop you've made'
and it's a really hard question to answer, as cliche as i sounds i love every hoop that i make, but i often find that the latest hoop i'm making i say to myself 'this is my favourite hoop' but as soon as i start on the next one i say the exact same thing.

I got an email from a customer called Charlotte, asking for a custom hoop with the Kurt Cobain quote
'wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are'
I knew right away that this quote was awesome and would look so good embroidered onto a hoop.

I must admit, i wasn't even aware of this quote existing until now (am i terrible?) but it really was my kinda quote and one i thought a lot of people could relate to.
 I mean who doesn't spend their time wishing they were someone else, i mean i know i do, when I'm not wishing i'm Beyonce i'm wishing i'm Iggy Azalea or maybe just someone who's a little bit famous, or has lots of money or has a really nice bum... anyway, i'm getting way too side tracked here.
It was a god damn good quote, know what i mean?!
And here is the finished product.
I like to keep thinks edging on the girly, cutesy side of things and i think the vintage floral embroidery is totally adorbs.

Here is a photo of the hoop hanging in it's new crib with it's new buddies.
I LOVE seeing my hoops in their new homes, so if you're the owner of one of my hoops and haven't done so already upload a photo to Instagram and tag me @thimbleandbobbin or you could email a photo to me

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  1. That's a very cool quote! Its like a Dr Seuss one, that right this second I can't remember but is about no one being youer than you, that I love, but more rock n roll!! xxx